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Feb 20 2022 -
Please give your vote <3


Jan 03 2022 -
Pictures + Contest
Hello dear players,

I want to ask to make as much pictures/screenshots as you can while playing.

Pictures as you hunt, do quest, pvp, hunt bosses or anything else...

Please help us out, we need as much pictures as possible, upload them here under this post!

Rewards will come for those who makes nicest pictures/screenshots!

Best Regards

Jan 01 2022 -
Upgrade system OFF
Hello eveyrone!

Today i have disabled our current upgrade system. To investigate the problem...

Within some time, we will install new upgrade system

Best regards

Dec 29 2021 -
Dear brothers and sisters
Hello again my far far relatives <3

I want to speak little bit about vision i have about the server i am creating with alot of peoples help, Especialy Dakos the pro programer, if not him, this server wont exist and my dream to make such server would be only in air...

So i am very very thankfull to Dakos and i think everyone shoud be more thankfull to Dakos, only because of him we, the server can grow.

So i want to build not only a working stable server to have fun for all kinds of players, but aswell i want to build a community of nice real living humans, so we not only play game to have fun , but we aswell can have connections around the world with all types of people.

I want to ask for help to make it reality, and what i want to ask is to use OUR FORUMS, chat here on any case, ask here about the game or not game related things, if need we can make more space at forum with others themes, dont be afraid to speak up, we are here to lissen <3

Best Regards

Dec 29 2021 -
Server crashes
Hello people who are awakening to the reality!!!

From yesterday update we having some trouble with server, it crashes, today we are fixing it, and for now it seems all is fixed...

But in any case be aware, thats bugs, crashes pops up like rocks on the way of creating a perfectly nice server...

So this is actualy good news for us creators, programer, so we can see server flaws, bugs, so we can fix all

Thanks for all human beings who are playing our server and supporting us, to make the server even better than it is today!

Big love

Dec 28 2021 -
Huge server update v1
Hello, awakening players

In some time 24-72hours i will post about all new things, changes, whats new....

And there is alot!

Be patience

Best Regards

Nov 02 2021 -
Little update 0.1

Hello everyone who reads!

As i am working every day hours after hours on the server from all sides, its always updating even with no SS.

Some new features:

  • Command !stamina 'number'   - you can buy stamina for gold, 1 stamina minute cost 500 gold coins


  • Removed from thais city training monks(was in city)


  • Fixed some map bugs

  • Implemented/added in map some new spawns (thais,carlin,POH and more...)

  • Made larger spawn of wyverns in edron

  • Fixed issue about casting premium spells

  • Revorked mana costs and level requirments to make runes

  • Boosted Wyverns loot by 50%



New big dwarf cave in poh


Big spiders and poison spiders cave at thais


Nov 02 2021 -
Server Open

Hello everyone who loves TIBIA!

My name is Vanagas Lukas,

I been working on this awakening real map server for past 4 months, I want to make a realy nice real map tibia project where everyone can have fun.

Please help me do it, all players opinions are GOLD worth for me.

Lets build together the server for worldwide community!

Resets ? I always hated the one thing about ots, its RESETS…So I want to avoid resets at all costs, my dream is to make long term server with will last 4ever, with no resets. But as I been working many years on ots, that’s realy hard to archieve, but I will not surrender, I believe that’s possible!

I would like to invite to my Awakening Real Map tibia project based on 8.60, but there is alot changes that brings the game more to 8.0 feeling, lets start...

Some features about the server:

  • 8.60 Real map with quests and missions

  • Over 200 of custom items to be looted or crafted or bought in game.

  • All runes are not stackable

  • All potions is stackable

  • All world magic npc‘s sells runes 4x higher the price

  • All world magic npc‘s sell only small and strong potions ( Other higher lvl potions are only loot able or craftable)

  • All world npc‘s sell small and strong potions 3x higher the price

  • All grizly adams bosses are free to enter and those bosses spawns every 1 hour

  • All grizly adams bosses drops different tokens/items for craftings.

  • Over 30+ More stronger bosses to challange (Most of them requires team)

  • Pz protection area is only Depots and Temples ( Boats, carpets is not protection zone)

  • Mages spells (exori vis, exori mort, exori frigo, and so on) shots in front of  you (8.0 based)

  • Custom lootings from players, if player has aol or blessings he does anyway drop tokens if player kills it, higher level more drops of different tokens. (Example, if you kill 20 lvl you will find Skull token in body with you can sell at Ruby shop at thais.


  • Experience by killing players

  • Free Blessing till lvl 21

  • Benefits of solving quest

  • Rarity items system ( example: you can loot a stronger spike sword, or more def armor etc and so on..)

  • Training monks(To enter must complete The desert quest)


Skilling; 8x

Magic; 5x

Lootin; 3x

Experience Rates:

1 - 20 level, 8x exp

21 - 40 level, 7x exp

41 - 60 level, 5x exp

61 - 80 level, 4x exp

81 -100 level, 3x exp

101 - 120 level, 2x exp

121 – 140 level, 1.5x exp

141 – 180 level, 1x exp

181 – xxx level, 0.8x exp


Ip: awakenot.com


Client:8.60 (Original client will crash alot server has lots of custom items and monsters,  works good only with OTC client, you can download client at our site)

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